3 Things To Know About The Restorative Glass Process As A Business Owner

If you own an older building that has damaged glass, you don't need to replace all the glass in your business. Instead, you can engage in the restorative glass process to take care of your glass. #1 The Restorative Glass Process Fixes Damage The restorative glass process is designed to fix damage to your glass without replacing it. If you have class that has dings or cracks in it, the restorative glass process is designed to patch and fill in those dings and cracks without fully replacing the glass. [Read More]

Why Your Car Can Be More Prone To Windshield Damage In The Winter

Cracks and chips in the windshield can happen any time of the year. However, you might find that your windshield is actually more prone to damage in the winter. Here's why. Temperature Changes First of all, you should know that extreme temperatures -- including freezing weather -- can cause minor damage to a windshield to become a whole lot more serious. For example, if your windshield already has a small chip or crack, then the windshield could shatter or the crack could expand once the temperatures drop. [Read More]

Signs The Window Seal On Your Car Window Needs To Be Replaced

Each and every one of the windows in your car has a seal around it. This seal plays an important role in protecting the interior of the car. The seal helps to keep water out of your car, which can prevent mold from forming and helps to prevent water stains. The seal also helps to keep dirt, dust, and pollen out of your car as well. But, as it is exposed to weather elements and sunlight, the seal can begin to crack, rip or break. [Read More]

Dual Paned Windows Have Condensation? The Glass May Be Collapsed

Double paned windows are great for energy efficiency and they add aesthetic appeal to a home. If you have dual pane windows because of these things and now notice condensation on the glass, then the glass is likely collapsed. Below is information about what collapsed glass is, how to tell if you have it, and how it can be repaired. Collapsed Glass When dual pane windows are made, there are two pieces of glass that are separated by a special type of gas. [Read More]