When Repairs May Be Possible For A Chip In Your Car's Windshield

If there's a chip in your windshield, call an auto glass repair service to have it taken care of before it cracks and spreads. Once a crack gets very big, the windshield has to be replaced. Here's a look at why it's important to have your chipped auto glass repaired and when repairs might be possible.

Why You Shouldn't Put Off Auto Glass Repair

The main reason not to delay calling a repair service is that the damage can spread and make driving unsafe. A damaged windshield is easier to repair when the damage is small, and it's less expensive also. The windshield in your car provides structural support for the roof of your car when you're in an accident. If the glass is chipped, the windshield can fail and not protect you like it should.

If a chip sends out cracks, the glass may be unstable. Hitting a bump in the road or temperature fluctuations can cause a chip or small crack to suddenly spread. Very hot weather in the summer or very cold weather in the winter can also cause a chip or crack to get much worse.

How To Tell When Repairs Are Possible

An auto glass repair technician will assess the damaged area and let you know if they can do repairs or if the windshield has to be replaced. Some auto glass repair companies offer mobile service for both repairs and replacement, so having the work done isn't inconvenient.

If there is more than one chipped area, the technician may recommend replacement over repairs. Also, if the damage is too close to the edge of the glass, a replacement may be necessary. The technician will measure the chip or crack and use the measurement to decide if repairs are possible.

A big chip or long crack will require a windshield replacement. The goal is to not only repair the damage but to make sure your windshield is safe. That also includes making sure you're safe when driving, so if the repaired area will be in your line of vision, a windshield replacement might be needed.

How Auto Glass Repairs Are Done

Repairing auto glass is a matter of filling the chip or crack with clear filler, such as epoxy. Once dry, the area is polished so the surface is smooth. While the repaired area will probably be difficult to notice, it won't be invisible. You might catch sight of the repaired area occasionally, but you can have peace of mind the chip won't grow and your windshield is safe once it's been repaired.

To learn more, contact a local auto glass repair service.