Why Your Car Can Be More Prone To Windshield Damage In The Winter

Cracks and chips in the windshield can happen any time of the year. However, you might find that your windshield is actually more prone to damage in the winter. Here's why.

Temperature Changes

First of all, you should know that extreme temperatures -- including freezing weather -- can cause minor damage to a windshield to become a whole lot more serious. For example, if your windshield already has a small chip or crack, then the windshield could shatter or the crack could expand once the temperatures drop. Therefore, if you have noticed any windshield damage, it's a good idea to have it repaired before it gets cold. Then, you can help prevent what would have been a simple repair from turning into the need for a replacement.

Ice Chunks on the Road

Ice chunks that fly up and hit your windshield when you're driving in the winter can be hard enough that they can cause damage. For best results, make sure that you leave a little distance between you and other drivers; not only can this help prevent damage to your windshield, but it can also be much safer, since it can give you more room to stop when the roads might be icy.

Ice Falling from Trees

Ice chunks can also fall from trees and cause damage to your windshield. For best results, you might find that it's a good idea to avoid parking under or near trees during the winter, when this can be a problem. Not only can this help you avoid windshield damage, but it can also help you prevent dings in your car's paint job as well.

Damage When Cleaning the Windshield

In the winter, you may find yourself having to clear the windshield of ice before you are able to drive in the mornings. To avoid damaging your windshield, make sure that you are gentle with your ice scraper to help prevent damage, particularly if there are existing cracks or chips. You may find that letting your car's defroster run for a few minutes can make scraping a whole lot easier, which can both help you preserve your windshield and save you a whole lot of work as well.

As you can see, your windshield can actually be prone to damage in the winter if you aren't careful. If you take steps to preserve your windshield and take good care of it, then you can help prevent damage from being a problem. If you do end up dealing with a crack or chip in your windshield, contact an auto glass repair professional to find out more about having it repaired.