Signs The Window Seal On Your Car Window Needs To Be Replaced

Each and every one of the windows in your car has a seal around it. This seal plays an important role in protecting the interior of the car. The seal helps to keep water out of your car, which can prevent mold from forming and helps to prevent water stains. The seal also helps to keep dirt, dust, and pollen out of your car as well. But, as it is exposed to weather elements and sunlight, the seal can begin to crack, rip or break. Knowing what the signs are of a damaged window seals helps you determine when it needs to be replaced. Here are a few of the signs that the window seal on your car needs to be replaced. 

You Feel Moisture Inside Your Car 

One of the tell-tale signs that your window seal is damaged is water getting into the car. If it is raining outside and you notice a few drops of water on the inside of your car, your window seal is likely bad. The longer you wait to replace the seal, the worse the damage can become and the more water that can get into your car. Eventually, you may notice water on the seat of your car or on the floor mats. 

You Can Hear or Feel Wind While Driving

Another sign that your window seal may be bad is hearing or feeling wind while you are driving. When you are driving, you or one of your passengers may hear a whistling noise or may feel wind in your car, even though the window is not down. Many people make the mistake of thinking their windows are cracked and try to roll them up. If this occurs and your windows can't go up any further, the seal is the likely culprit. 

It Sounds Like the Window is Rattling

The last sign that the seal along your auto glass is damaged is a rattling window. In addition to keeping water and dirt out, the seal helps to provide some insulation to protect the window from bouncing around while you are driving. If the seal is breaking apart, your window may begin to rattle when you drive. 

If the window seal on your car needs to be replaced, you should bring your car to an auto glass repair shop or a mechanic. While there are kits available that can help you replace the seal yourself, replacing the seal is a tough job that requires skill and experience. If you improperly replace the seal, you are potentially exposing your car to dirt, dust, and water. Contact a professional today to have your window seals replaced if any of these signs are present. 

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