Three Lesser Known Benefits Of Storm Protection Windows

Storm protection windows are typically installed by those who are in areas that may be hit by hurricanes. Storm protection windows, also often called impact resistant windows or hurricane windows, are primarily designed to prevent flying debris in a hurricane from piercing or shattering a window. But these types of windows also have other benefits associated with them. Here are three of the lesser known benefits of storm protection windows.

Minimize Street Noise

Impact resistant glass has more layers to it than traditional glass windows. Often, these windows feature at least three different layers, consisting of both glass and plastic to help preventing the glass from shattering when flying debris hits it. But in addition to protecting against flying debris, the thicker window also helps to minimize street noise and decrease it. If you live on a busy street or can often here cars as they drive by from inside of your home, having windows that work to decrease the outside noise can help to make your home quieter and more relaxing. 

Offer Protection From a Burglar

Another benefit associated with storm protection windows is that they offer protection against break-ins and burglars. Many burglars will break a window to gain entry into your home. However, if 100 mile per hour winds and flying debris cannot shatter a window, a burglar hitting it to gain entry into your home isn't going to do anything. As such, this may foil their plan and help to keep your home better protected against burglars. 

Decrease Your Homeowners Insurance Rates

The last lesser known benefit associated with storm protection windows is that they can help you to decrease your homeowners insurance rates. Hurricanes can be damaging to your home. If the windows are blown out, a homeowners insurance company may need to cover the cost of new windows, as well as pay for any water damage and property damage that occurred when the broken windows left your home exposed to these elements. Storm protection windows are designed not to break or blow out in a hurricane, which protects your home and  minimizes the losses to an insurance company. As such, many reward you for this and decrease your homeowners insurance rates if you can prove you installed storm protection windows. 

If you live in an area that may be affected by hurricanes, storm protection windows can help to prevent flying debris from shattering your windows. In addition to this, these types of windows also minimize street noise, protect you from a burglary and decrease your homeowners insurance premiums. Contact a window professional today to learn more about these windows.