Texture Options For Glass Shower Enclosures

Construction of shower enclosures has, in large part, moved away from stone walls partitions and wooden doors to more chic options like glass. With a growing appreciation of plain glass and glass art, the material has become more common in many bathrooms, bringing a sense of style to shower spaces.

There was a time when glass could only come as a plain option, but that era is long gone. Although plain glass is still appealing, it is not the only choice you have. Having said that, glass in various textures and colors has become popular in bathrooms, but some have been hesitant to embrace it for safety reasons.

Glass doors or glass shower enclosure partitions are now safer than ever, with styles varying from framed glass (usually by aluminum) and partially framed glass to unframed glass which has polished smooth edges that are safe.

Glass Texture Options

1. Clear Shower Glass

These are very popular with traditional showers because light can pass through them. They are very easy to maintain, but privacy is a concern.

2. Rain Shower Glass

This glass type mimics the look of rain. It is also easy to clean as the inside of the glass is all smooth and this texture offers more privacy, owing to the obscurity of the glass

3. Tinted Shower Glass

Tinted glass can be adjusted accordingly to block out harsh light and is very versatile in terms of matching any color scheme used in the bathroom. Because the tint tone can always be darkened, it works well for privacy.

4. Frosted Shower Glass

To achieve this texture, plain glass is imprinted with acid creating a satin appearance. Frosted shower glass offers a softer look and comes in several patterns and designs. It also offers a more private shower experience.

5. Hammered Shower Glass

Its name comes from the indentations on one side that look like hammered metal. The texture will create a visual effect when in the presence of light. It is great for aesthetics and for some privacy.

The shower space will feel and look great with colored tiles on the wall and floors, as well as all bathroom fixtures from faucets to shower heads being complemented by the various styles and textures of glass partitions in the bathroom.

Bathrooms now can burst with color and have an accentuated sense of cleanliness brought about by the inclusion of glass textures in the space. Contact companies like Master Glass & Mirror LLC to learn more.