Five Fun Commercial Window Films That Can Change The Appearance Of Your Building

Commercial window films are meant to reduce glare from the sun, prevent excess heat from entering the building through the windows, reduce the loss of air-conditioned air, and provide privacy. That does not mean that your building has to have the old, basic, commercial window film on every window. In fact, there are many fun and interesting commercial window films that can dress up the numerous windows on your building while still providing all of the expected applications of window films.

Frosted Films

Frosted films are generally used to cover bathroom or restroom windows to protect the privacy of the users of these facilities. However, frosted films may also be custom-cut to size to add a decorative touch to conference room windows or corner office windows. Their opaqueness and subtle snowy sheen are attractive and while restricting light and peeping eyes.

Colored Films

You could literally have a rainbow of windows on your building with these films. The numerous colors available allow you to do everything from color-coordinating columns of windows in several colors to color-coordinating each floor of windows to represent the kinds of accounts managed by those floors. Colored films maintain privacy and reduce sun glare, and they also boost employee morale with their inspiring colors. 

These films are very shiny too. That means that each colored film also reflects its color back out onto the world. There is no missing your building when it casts rainbow colors onto the buildings across the way and/or the ground below.

Sparkle Frosted Films

Nothing is complete without a little glitter, or so glitter enthusiasts say. These films are very similar to the frosted films listed above, with one tiny exception of a lot of extra sparkle. A little twinkling of the window panes is enough to make many people smile, and if you handle certain types of client accounts, the sparkle is very apropos. (For example, if you have an account with a snowblower company or with a company that promotes "magic," then the sparkle looks a lot like pixie dust or sun glittering off of snowbanks.)

Day/Night Privacy Films

What is blacker than black? These day/night privacy films are. You know that color that manufacturers and retailers like to call "blackest black"? That perfectly describes these films.

They are not only the ultimate in privacy films, but they are also ideal for businesses that have to cut the natural light completely from entering the building. If you were to use these films for residential purposes, you could use them in the bedroom of a day sleeper (one who works the graveyard shift and sleeps all day). That is how dark they are; so dark they are spooky, but still fun.

Silver and Bronze Films

Perhaps your building was erected during the great Art Deco period of the 1920's. If that is the case, maybe you would want to use bronze films to cover the windows. It would remind people of the era in which the building was built, or the age of the building. 

There are silver films too. These might be very appropriate for a jeweler's company, with their high silvery sheen and intense reflective properties. If you wanted to, you could even create patterns on the building by using both silver and bronze films on different windows. There is really nothing you cannot create with all of these interesting commercial window film options.

Getting Started

Talk to window film experts at a company like American  Glass Tint Inc. See what you can do with all of the above options. Then you can get a quote for the film or films you want, and get started right away.