3 Changes You Can Expect To See Immediately After Installing Frameless Glass Shower Doors

How many times have you strolled into your bathroom and eyed those unsightly shower doors you have in disgust? If the shower doors you have in place have been literally hanging around for a while, it may be time to check out some new models and make some upgrades. Frameless glass shower doors are by far a homeowner favorite among the many choices available, and not without reason. Here is a look at some of the things you can expect to immediately change with frameless glass shower door installation in your bathroom space. 

Your bathroom will immediately feel bigger in size. 

Frameless shower doors don't have much blocking your view into the shower, unlike framed glass setups that have those unsightly bars across the top and base of the doors for support. Therefore, the open view into the shower and to the surrounding walls can make the room seem somewhat larger, even though it hasn't changed floor space at all. This enlarging effect works with just about all frameless glass shower door setups, but is most noticeable if the glass you choose is perfectly clear and see-through. 

Your bathroom will immediately appear more modern. 

Glass shower doors have been around for quite some time. However, frameless glass shower doors are relatively new. Just by trading in an old set of glass shower doors for a new and updated set of frameless glass shower doors, you will see a dramatic uptick in how modern the space looks. While changing shower doors is a minimal change, the shower doors also take up the most visual space in many bathrooms. Therefore, just this one change can transform the overall appearance of the entire room. 

Your bathroom will immediately seem a little cleaner. 

This one sounds strange, but by all rights, it is true. Glass surfaces always exude a sense of cleanliness, much like stainless steel does in a medical setting. Glass is non-porous and visually open, which automatically makes a room feel less dingy and dirty. Of course, to really perceive this cleanliness, the glass must be spotless. However, modern glass shower doors are much easier to clean, with features like anti-fog glass so everything appears pristine. 

At the end of the day, frameless glass shower doors offer a host of advantages for most bathrooms. If you would like to know more about frameless glass shower doors for your home, contact companies like Superior Frameless Showers for more information.