Three Ways Impact Windows Save You Money

Installing impact windows is the best way to save yourself some money on your home every year. The candidates for impact windows are anyone who lives in an area that is susceptible to hurricanes. However, impact windows can really be installed for any home and the homeowners will still reap the benefits. Here are three specific ways impact windows save you money:

Electrical Bills: The biggest way impact windows save homeowners money is through the electrical bill. Keep in mind that the windows on homes make up around 25% of the electricity bill every month. This means if you have completely inefficient windows, you are probably spending 25% more on your electrical bill each month than you should.

Impact windows really help you avoid this high cost because they have insulating glass and spacers that trap out more of the air you don't want in your home. On top of this, many professionals add a low-emission coating or tint to impact windows for further protection from the sun's UV rays. 

Retains Resale Value: If your home has impact windows, you can expect the resale of your home to be much higher. After all, a buyer will know the benefits of these windows on energy efficiency, which is a huge selling point for any home. On top of this, buyers most likely don't want to have to automatically install new windows for the home upon moving in. Essentially, this saves the buyer from a lot of work, especially if you live in a hurricane prone area and the impact windows are needed. 

Keeps Your Home Safer: Of course, impact windows are highly recommended for areas prone to hurricanes, simply because it prevents ill effects from the damages that could be done by the storm. However, impact windows can even help prevent the damages from the force of impact from high winds, tornados, and even fire. So, for this reason, impact windows are essentially great for any homeowner. Keeping your home safe in this way can save you money on more extreme repairs. 

These are just three ways impact windows save you money. So even though the cost of installation is high, it will pay for itself fairly quickly, especially if you plan on selling your home in the near future, have been dealing with high energy costs, or live in an area that is susceptible to any kind of serious harm from a storm or fire.