3 Types Of Glass Shower Doors

Your shower door plays a large role in the overall appearance of your bathroom. Glass shower doors are much more visually attractive than shower curtains, allow natural light to spread throughout your bathroom and can increase the visual size of smaller areas, and can still be frosted to provide privacy. For all of these reasons, installing a glass shower door is a popular and beneficial bathroom remodeling project. However, not all shower doors operate in the same way, and the way that they open and close can change the benefits that they provide. Being aware of the three most common types of glass showers, and the pros and cons of each, can help you choose the best one for your remodeling project.

1. Sliding Doors

Sliding doors, as their name indicates, work on a set of tracks. This helps reduce the amount of space that your shower door takes up, making them ideal for installation in smaller bathrooms that simply do not have the space for a full-sized shower enclosure. Because they are made out of two overlapping panes of glass, there is little risk of water leaking out of the enclosure, and maintenance and cleaning is straightforward. They can also be installed on an existing tub, which can help transform an older bathroom without removing old features.

2. Hinged Doors

Hinged shower doors can either open one way or pivot in both directions. These doors are ideal for larger spaces, and the larger opening, when compared to sliding doors, can make it easier for those with less mobility to enter and leave. They also create a seamless appearance when compared to their sliding counterparts. However, the hinges will require additional care and cleaning to ensure that they do not hold on to moisture and develop mold and mildew growth over time. Furthermore, the hinged section of the door does not provide the same seal as the rest of the door, which can allow water to leak out of your shower and onto the floor, creating a slipping risk. 

3. Steam Doors

Steam doors are a specific type of shower door that can operate on either hinges or a set of tracks to slide along. The major difference between steam doors and other types of shower doors is that they form a complete floor to ceiling seal inside your shower, effectively transforming your shower into a makeshift sauna when it is turned on. Besides the added therapeutic effects, a steam shower door can also help reduce the spread of moisture to other areas of your home or bathroom.