Cleaning Vs. Damaging: Clean Your Glass Shower Door Correctly

When it comes to cleaning your glass shower door, you can quickly go too far. Unsafe cleaning practices can shorten the lifespan of your shower door and cause it to look anything, but attractive. The most important thing to remember is that it's easier to cause damage to the glass than you might think. Learn about some safe, and unsafe, cleaning practices to keep your door protected.

Cleaning Cloths

Be especially mindful of the type of cloth you use to clean your glass shower door. That all-purpose cleaning rag that you keep under the kitchen sink is not the option to use. A cloth with even a small amount of dirt on it can scratch the glass and etch tiny imperfections in it. 

Sure, the etching might be unnoticeable initially. However, as you continue the practice, the imperfections become more noticeable, and the glass slowly loses some its integrity. Ultimately, you end up with a piece of glass that looks bad, and that is unsafe. Always use a clean, microfiber towel to stay safe. 

Cleaning Products

The type of products you use to clean your glass is one of the most important steps concerning protection. First, look for a cleaner that can tackle soap scum and oils. A dull cleaner will cause you to scrub vigorously to remove these elements while cleaning. 

The forceful scrubbing process can scratch the glass, but the process could also cause you to press too firmly on the glass, which could also lead to damage. A tougher cleaner will do all the hard work so that you don't have to. Second, however; you need to ensure the product is safe for use on glass. A cleaner not designed for glass will cause streaking.

Cleaning Methods

Cleaning the glass doors of your shower is a process that you need to repeat frequently. The more often you use the shower, the more often you need to clean the glass. Going long periods of times between cleaning will allow more scum to collect on the door, which will lead to the abrasive cleaning style previously mentioned. 

Consider cleaning your door once a week, and at least spraying the inside of the door with water each time you shower. When you clean the door, you also want to ensure you wipe the glass in a circular motion to prevent streaking and damage to the glass. 

Exercise these tips to keep your door clean, but most importantly, to keep it protected. For any concerns you have about the condition of your door, ensure you contact an installation and repair professional for assistance.