3 Different Kinds Of Glass Pipe That You Can Use To Smoke Tobacco

If you are looking for different and more stylish ways to smoke your tobacco, you may want to think about using a glass pipe. There are other reasons to use glass pipes as well. For example, glass doesn't flavor your tobacco in any way, so if you like an exotic blend, you are going to get the full taste of that tobacco. Before you go out and buy a glass pipe, you will probably want to know about the different kinds of pipes so that you can pick the one that is just right for you. 


You might also hear a chillum called a one-hitter because they don't hold a large amount of tobacco inside. They are generally around the size of a cigar and are just a long glass tube. You can pack your smoking material in one end, light it up, and inhale on the other end. They are reasonably straight-forward and easy to use, but they do have problems with smoke completely clearing the tube. 


The spoon type glass pipe is the one that most people think of when they think of glass pipe. A spoon pipe is spoon-shaped, with a bowl on one end attached to a stem. It also has a carburetor, which allows extra air to be drawn into the pipe. In the case of a spoon pipe, the carburetor is a pretty simple thing. It's just a simple hole. When you cover the hole, then the air goes through the bowl of the pipe where you have put your tobacco and it is burning. The smoke then goes up into the stem of the pipe. When you take your finger off the carburetor hole, the air is going to switch from going into the bowl and go into the carb hole, because there is less resistance. Because of that, you can get the smoke that is in the pipe quicker than you would otherwise be able to get. 


Gandalf refers to the shape of the pipe that the wizard Gandalf the Grey used. The stem has an arch down from the mouthpiece to the bowl so that it is lower than the mouthpiece. In one of these pipes, the stem is also relatively long. They may or may not have a carb, but you would still smoke them in the same way as a spoon pipe. They do tend to be more fragile because of the long stem, so you will want to be careful when using these. 

Finding the right glass pipe starts with knowing some of the different kinds of pipes.