Hurricane Windows: Why You Should Consider Them For Your Business

If you live in a hurricane-prone area and own a business, you may need to take a moment to consider the quality of your windows. Hurricanes can cause high impact winds that can damage storefront windows. Perhaps you have boarded your business up in the past because it is a common practice. However, there is still the risk of damages with this approach. Hurricane windows could offer your business more protection against severe storm weather. The following are a few benefits that hurricane impact windows offer.

Insurance Savings

Insurance companies are aware that hurricanes can leave behind catastrophic damages. Hurricane windows offer some protection against these damages. This can protect the inner portions of building against financial losses that overwhelm insurance companies after hurricanes. Many stores sell expensive merchandise, and these windows can aid in lower claims being made. This is why many insurance companies offer discounts to customers who have business impact windows. 

Noise Reduction

Perhaps your business is located near or in a busy area. The noise might be cumbersome to potential customers or clients. It can also be distracting to employees, which could cause them to make errors. Hurricane windows are insulated and can aid sound reduction resulting in a more pleasant business environment.

Energy Efficient

Individuals in hurricane-prone areas are often located in tropical areas. This means that their cooling costs can be higher than individuals who live in other climates. These specialty windows can result in energy savings. You can even request to have the windows tinted. This is an option that can block out UV rays. 

Resistant to Breakage

When standard glass breaks, it can send shards of glass flying. This glass can injure individuals. It is a common practice for some locals not to evacuate the area even when they are told to do so. You can help your local area by ensuring that you have safe windows installed. 


Perhaps you are not legally required to have hurricane windows installed at this time. However, it is possible that building codes could change in the future, which will make having these windows enforceable. Some jurisdictions already mandate hurricane impact windows for new buildings. 

A glass installation company, like A Christian Glass & Mirror, is a good resource to use to learn more about hurricane windows. The amount of water that could enter your building if it does not have hurricane windows could result in a significant financial loss. Even if you have insurance, think about the downtime, clean-up costs and other obstacles you will face.