4 Tips For Designing Your Own Glass Shower Enclosure

If you don't find a shower enclose that fits your needs and how you want your bathroom to look, you can always design your own custom glass shower enclosure. When you design your own custom glass shower enclosures, there are a few style guides you'll want to follow to make sure that your shower enclose works properly.

#1 Be Careful with The Curb

When creating a curb with your shower, you want to make sure that any door you put there will be able to open and close. In order for that to be true, you need to make sure any buttresses are placed at a 90-degree angle. A large angle will make it difficult if not impossible for a door to operate correctly.

#2 Stick to 135-Degree Angles

If you want to create a custom shower shape, but don't want to break your budget, try to use 135-degree angles. These are angles that are already commonly used in shower design. There are lots of hardware that can be used without being custom-built for 135-degree angles within your shower. It is enough space to allow you to create a custom design without breaking the bank.

#3 Keep Any Seats & Curbs Pitched

If you want to add seats to your custom shower enclosure, make sure that they are pitched a little bit. A little bit of a pitch is necessary so that the water will flow off your seat and down the drain. If the seat is completely flat, this will not happen. While you are at it, make sure that your curb designed is pitched as well so that water flows back into the shower enclosure, not onto your flower.

Having the right pitch to the curbs and seats will ensure that all the water from your showers stays in your showers and that your floors are not a slippery mess when you get out of the shower.

#4 Don't Put the Shower Head Opposite the Door

When choosing where to put the shower head, you should not put it on the wall opposite the door. If you do that, anytime you open and close the shower door while it is running, you are sure to get water all over the place. Also, if you don't properly close the door when you get into the shower, you'll end up with water all over the floor.

The best place to put shower heads are on the walls adjacent to the door. That way, the water stream is directed within your shower, and only a little spray should get out if you open up your shower door.

Work carefully with a construction professional when designing your own custom glass shower to make sure that all of the elements of your design work well together.