Signs A Glass Window Pane Should Be Replaced

Many people do not realize this, but if the frame to your window is still in good condition, the glass can be replaced, rather than the entire window. But this may leave you wondering when the glass on your window needs to be replaced. Here are a few of the signs that it may be time to consider contacting a glass window repair company to replace the pane of glass on your window. 

The Glass is Chipped or Cracked

When your window is chipped or cracked, it is advised that you replace it. While auto glass can be repaired if it has a chip or crack in it, it is not recommended that residential home windows be repaired if there are chips or cracks in them. First, you can lose a great deal of energy through a chip or crack, driving your heating and cooling costs upward. Secondly, the structural integrity of the window is compromised, making it easier for a burglar to break the window. If there is a chip or crack on yours, have the glass replaced quickly. 

Condensation Develops on The Glass

Another sign that your glass window pane should be replaced is condensation developing on the glass. This typically happens late at night or early in the morning. If you have a double pane window, you may see fog between the panes. Condensation can run into the frame of the window, causing frames to corrode and wood ones to rot. As such, the glass pane should be replaced as soon as this issue is noted. If you wait too long, the frame can be damaged and then the entire window needs to be replaced. 

The Glass is Scratched 

The last sign that your glass window pane should be replaced is scratching on the glass. As long as the scratches are not deep, there is no structural damage to the glass pane. However, the scratches impede the clear sight line you have out the window and can look bad. If tree branches, bushes, or even improper cleaning have left scratches on your window, consider having the glass replaced for aesthetic reasons. 

Replacing a pane of glass is much cheaper than replacing an entire window. If the frame of the window is still in good condition, you may be able to just replaced the damaged glass. Contact a window repair company today to find out if your pane of glass can be replaced or if the entire window should be replaced.