3 Things You Need To Understand About The Difference Between Impact Resistant Windows & Regular Windows

Impact resistant windows are designed to provide your home with an extra layer of protection that you don't get from regular glass windows. There are a few key differences that you need to understand between impact resistant windows and regular windows.

#1 Get an Insurance Discount

When you install impact resistant windows in your home, make sure that you let your insurance company know. Many insurance companies offer a discount for having impact resistant windows in your home. However, in general you need to protect all of your windows and doors in order to get this discount. So if you are upgrading all of your windows to impact resistant windows and installing impact resistant doors on your home, you could get a nice break from your insurance company, especially if you live somewhere with a risk of hurricanes or tornadoes.

#2 Use a Heavy Aluminum Frame

When you have impact resistant windows installed in your home, the process is a little different than installing regular windows. Your impact resistant windows will be securely attached to a heavy duty aluminum frame. Then, the glass will be connected to the frame using two layers of impact-resistant coating that will keep your frame and window together.

#3 Glass Sticks Together

One of the big benefits of impact resistant windows is that if the window were to ever break, it would stay together as one piece with cracks until you were able to replace it. Impact resistant windows are coating with special glaze and film that keeps the glass together. On the outside of the glass is a PVB film layer. If your glass were to ever break, the glass would stick to the PVB layer and not come into your home.

This is important for a few reasons. First, if your window were to break, you wouldn't have to deal with a big mess. Second, you would be able to wait to repair your window until you were ready. Third, by keeping the glass together during a storm, the pressure in your house would be kept consistent. If the glass were to break inward, allowing hurricane force winds into your home, the difference between inside and outside air pressure could cause more glass to break within your home and your home to sustain a great degree of damage.

Impact resistant windows allow you to secure a homeowner's insurance discount, are attached to an aluminum frame, and are designed so that if they break, the glass stays together, keeping you and your home safe. Contact a company, like Monterey Glass Specialists, for more help.